Premium apparel fabric supplier factory: When the fabric will be through the setting finishing, the production staff will check the color secondly to see if it is closer to the standard. At the same time, the overall quality of the fabric surface, including weight, width, and the inherent indicators of the tested product, including color fastness, and shrinkage rate, are observed during the setting process. After all meet the standards, the finished products will be sent to our special inspection workshop to conduct a comprehensive inspection of all fabrics according to the American Standard Four-Point System and the different inspection requirements from customers, and prepare a full inspection report for customers to check. See extra details at crochet fabric.

Applique embroidery: It is also called patch embroidery. The patch embroidery in Su embroidery also belongs to this category. Cut the appliqué according to the requirements of the pattern and stick it on the embroidered surface. You can also put cotton and other things between the applique and the embroidered surface to make the pattern uplift and have a three-dimensional effect. After pasting, use various stitches to lock the edges, the embroidery method is simple and the style is unique. The jacquard fabric is directly woven with patterns in the fabric, using warp yarns and weft yarns of different colors to interlace, interweave up and down, thereby forming patterns of different colors. Jacquard fabric can be divided into woven, warp-knitted jacquard and weft-knitted jacquard. Weft-knitted fabric has good elasticity horizontally and longitudinally, while warp-knitted and woven jacquard have no elasticity.

The tweed fabric feels fluffy, soft, and has good warmth retention, and has a unique appearance and strong three-dimensional sense. And it is made from fancy yarn. Tweed fabric is a classic fabric suitable for all seasons, and the composition is also diverse, including polyester, rayon, nylon, cotton, metallic yarn and so on. Our tweed fabrics are rich in styles and varieties, including woven tweed fabrics and knitted tweed fabrics. We also added sequins to some products to make the fabrics more shiny and fashionable.

From the appearance: high-quality lace fabric products, more exquisite workmanship, clearer printing, the pattern should be uniform and flat. The fabric is comfortable, and the density and color of all lace should be uniform. From the sense of smell: smell. Good quality products generally have a fresh and natural odor and no odor. If you open the package and smell pungent odors such as acid odor, it is probably because the formaldehyde or pH in the product exceeds the standard, it is best not to buy.

Crochet fabric is one kind of knitted fabric, it has many different kinds, including crochet net fabric, crochet lace fabric, crochet jacquard fabric, crochet stretch fabric and so on. Crochet can be used for garment, fashion dress, home textile, cushion, curtain an so on. It has different kinds of composition including polyester cotton, 100% cotton, 100%polyester, and polyester with spandex. As one of the high quality crochet fabric manufacturers, we have many different patterns and design styles and can provide customized services of crochet fabric and related fabrics according to customer needs. Crochet mesh fabric is a circular cutout design made with specialized hooks. The unique beauty of this fabric comes from its handmade appearance, adding texture and visual interest to any design. Read even more details at

Knitted cloth, also known as jersey, refers to the weft jersey fabric used to make underwear. It has good moisture absorption and air permeability, but has dispersibility and curling properties. Polyester is an important variety of synthetic fibers, and it is the trade name of polyester fiber in my country. The advantage is: Not afraid of mold and insects. Good light fastness, the light fastness ability exceeds that of natural fiber fabrics. Poor hygroscopicity, polyester fabric has poor hygroscopicity, and will feel hot when worn. Poor dyeability, and dye molecules cannot easily enter the fiber. Easy to pilling, there will be pilling after using for a period of time.