Christina Anagonye – Michigan or the upsurge of an immigrant communities integration top professional

The rise of an impoverished communities integration leader : Christina Anagonye: We value community engagement. We help our communities to grow and succeed during trouble times, while helping donors give with joy and confidence! By providing necessary resources, such as our health literacy program and tutoring program, our communities will be empowered to become successful. […]

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Most pleasant introduction to discover Norway’s culture featuring our guest Kristin Skjefstad Edibe

Welcoming invitation to visit Norway’s past and present with our guest Kristin Skjefstad Edibe : Norway is an active participant to world affairs and takes its share of responsibility in global issues. Norway has a foreign policy known as the “Norwegian model,” the goal of which is to contribute to peace and stability through a […]

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High quality Amish voter project organization with Amish PAC’s plain voter project

Best rated Amish voter help project guides with Ohio and Pennsylvania host the largest population of Amish in the United States. Both states have nearly 100,000 Amish residents each, and that number is skyrocketing. The average Amish family has 6-8 children. When Amish vote, they vote for individual rights, religious rights and less government […]

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Protecting children charity with Dubai interior design professional Taru Kalenov

Animals in need charity with Dubai interior design expert Taru Kalenov: Charity gives people hope and a reason to believe in the graciousness of humans in the midst of a very cruel world. It’s the selflessness, compassion, and genuine contributions with nothing expected in return—it’s the people, the passion, and the smiling faces—it’s the unadulterated […]

Read More : learn a structural racism and sexism board game

Excellent structural racism board game with Inequality-opoly? Inequality-opoly is created by Perry Clemons, an former 3rd grade and ESL educator and current educational game creator. Perry is the founder of Clemons Education Inc. which strives to create educational games and experiences that are MIRRORS for Self-discovery, WINDOWS into other worlds, and DOORS to new opportunities. […]

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Best legal assistance UK from Rev. Dane Marks

UK online court platform project and recommended community law services from Rev. Dane Marks? The Board Members of the project include Suzanne Lewis, Head of Compliance and Company Relations, Luana Gomes Medalha, Head of Operations and Antonia Wilkinson, Head of Team Management. The organisation is made up of predominantly young aspiring solicitors and barristers who […]

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Second chance re-entry housing today with Positive Transition Services

Nights of free emergency housing today by Positive Transition Services? This month PTS would like to recognize James Jones for being a GOOD NEIGHBOR!! Hisimpeccable social skills and craftsmanship has caught everyone’s attention. James, afocused and determined college student at Atlanta Technical College, has never asked but isalways giving. This month when PTS lacked manpower […]

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